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Disclaimers for Techsary

At Techsary.com, we’re dedicated to providing useful and informative information. We offer content that’s 99.9% valuable, but we want to be upfront that we might not cover everything with absolute accuracy. When using the information from our website, it’s essential to remember that the responsibility for any actions you take lies with you.

We genuinely care about your experience; your trust means everything to us. While we work hard to deliver valuable insights and content, we want to be clear that Techsary.com won’t be held responsible for any losses or damages that might occur as a result of using our website.

We try to put quality links on techsary.com that redirect you from our website to other valuable websites to read specific pages of those websites. However, it may not be obligatory that the whole website provides accurate and useful content. We are not able to control the content on those websites, and that is why we are not responsible for their other content. Sometimes, the owners of other sites can change the content without informing techsary.com or other sites that were linking to their site, as there is no possible way to inform us. In this case, techsary.com will not be liable for any ‘bad’ content.

Please keep in mind that when you redirect from our website to other websites, you should read their privacy policies and terms of service before engaging in any business with them or providing any information. It is beyond our control to manage, and every site has different privacy policies and terms of service.

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