Are Smartwatches Safe? Benefits and Risks Discussed

are smartwatches safe to wear

By human nature, whenever a new technology hits the market, everyone creates a checklist to judge its durability, features, compatibility, and more, regardless of whether the product belongs to the tech industry. So, the factor we’ll be discussing in this blog post, chosen from that particular checklist for smartwatches, is: “Are smartwatches safe?” Check real … Read more

5 Smart Ways to Charge a Smartwatch Without a Charger in 2024

5 methods to charge smartwatch without a charger

Sometimes, the charger may not be available, and the reasons can vary. But don’t worry; I’m here to discuss how to charge a smartwatch without a charger. You’ll learn different methods to charge it. Additionally, we’ll debunk some common myths about wireless charging. Let me clarify: ‘without a charger’ means you don’t have your regular … Read more

How to stop alarm on Apple Watch from iPhone

Introduction Device interconnectivity makes our lives easier and better, indeed! With this feature, you can effortlessly control your iPhone’s alarm with your smartwatch, and vice versa. This functionality provides you with the ability to snooze and dismiss alarms on both devices. In this guide, you will find step-by-step instructions on How to stop alarm on … Read more

how to connect a smartwatch with my phone

Introduction In today’s interconnected world, Sometimes, a Connected smartwatch to a smartphone plays a huge role that enhances saving time. You can easily check your real-time app notifications like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or Facebook directly on your wrist without taking out your smartphone. The smartwatch is designed to enhance the lifestyle. how to connect a smartwatch … Read more

how to reset smartwatch without password

INTRODUCTION Surely you are looking for a solution that can recover your password. but unfortunately, there are no methods available to bypass or recover your smartwatch password. how to reset smartwatch without password But don’t worry, there is one way available to get your smartwatch back. I mean it will open without a password or you can … Read more

how to record audio in smartwatch

INTRODUCTION How to record audio in Smartwatch Nowadays, multifunctional wearables have become an integral part of our lives. Yes, your smartwatch has the hardware to record your audio; Samsung smartwatches can even convert your audio into text. So, with the right knowledge and tools, you can capture your memorable moments. In this guide, I will … Read more

How to use pedometer in smartwatch

INTRODUCTION In today’s fast world, staying fit and healthy has become more critical than ever. However, the world is progressing day by day. Earlier, we used a Mechanical Pedometer that operated on a pendulum, which was uncomfortable to use. Then, after some time, we started using an Electronic Pedometer that needed to be held in … Read more