Affiliate Disclosure

Under FTC Disclosure Compliance rules, we want our website users to be fully informed about how we generate revenue by sharing links on our website. This includes understanding various methods, such as affiliate marketing, through which we may receive compensation from sales or other forms. Transparency is vital to ensure readers are aware of any financial relationships we may have with external companies.

Affiliate links connect individuals or entities who can gather an audience and sellers looking to promote their products. When an entertainer, information provider, or performer suggests a product to their audience, the seller pays a small percentage of the profit to the person who gathered the audience. This arrangement is known as an affiliated deal. Similarly, we receive a commission when a reader clicks on an affiliate link placed on our website and makes a purchase after being redirected to an online shopping or service platform. However, it’s important to note that the product’s price remains the same for the user whether they buy through our link or directly.

Techsary.com is affiliated with the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. When a reader clicks on a link on our website and makes a purchase after being redirected to the Amazon website, Amazon pays us a small percentage as a commission. It’s worth mentioning that there are various affiliate programs, such as Holsinger for domain hosting and others, and the product prices remain unaffected regardless of whether the purchase is made through an affiliate link or directly.

What About Sponsored Content?

We do not endorse sponsored posts solely for profit. We aim to provide unbiased information about products, including their pros and cons. Whenever we recommend something, it’s because we or our friends and family have personally used it. Your purchases contribute to our research efforts, and we sincerely appreciate your support as part of our community.

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