Are Garmin Smartwatches Compatible with iPhone?

When I started using a Garmin smartwatch, I was excited to sync and curious whether it could connect to my iPhone or not. Pairing your iPhone with a Garmin smartwatch is more beneficial than you think.  We will check the compatibility. Are Garmin smartwatches compatible with iPhones or not? Connecting your Garmin with your iPhone … Read more

How to Connect a Fossil Smartwatch to an iPhone

How to Connect a Fossil Smartwatch to an iPhone

As we know, Apple is very strict about its software & hardware compatibility with third-party devices & their software. So the question of how to connect a Fossil smartwatch to an iPhone is valid. I’ll guide you through each step of how to connect a Fossil smartwatch to an iPhone, from verifying compatibility to receiving … Read more

History of Smartwatch: When Was the First Smartwatch Invented?

When Was the First Smartwatch Invented

Smartwatches we wear today have a fascinating backstory. But have you ever thought about When was the first smartwatch invented? A visionary idea combined technology with everyday wearables to start the smartwatch journey.  The first smartwatch marked a major milestone in the development of personal electronics from its simple origins. In this article, we will … Read more

What is Go Back Time in a Smartwatch & How to Use It

what is Go Back time in a smartwatch

Designers specifically customize smartwatches for our dynamic lifestyles. ‘Go Back Time’ is one of the most innovative functionalities this device has. This function is so convenient that if you turn off your smartwatch after performing any task, you will just continue from where you were. Therefore, your experience is uninterrupted hence there is no need … Read more