How to download apps on smartwatch without app store


Can I download third-party apps on my smartwatch? The answer is
yes. Downloading apps on a smartwatch is very interesting and useful, but it
can be a little challenging for those who do not have an IT background or lack
IT-related technical knowledge. But don’t worry; in this guide, I will cover
possible solutions and guide you on how to download apps on smartwatch without
app store.

how to download apps on smartwatch without app store
how to download apps on smartwatch without app store

How Many Ways Are There To Install Apps On A Smartwatch?

You have three methods to install apps on your smartwatch. The
first two methods are official, but the third one is unofficial. This is
because it typically involves bypassing the official app store or marketplace
and may have certain risks and limitations. Here are the following methods:


1. Official App Stores:

Most smartwatches come with an official app store, and several
marketplaces are available for their specific operating system, like the Google
Play Store for Wear OS or the Apple App Store for WatchOS. However, not all
smartwatches support this kind of store.

2. Companion App:

Some smartwatches may have a companion app. This method allows you to use your phone
to handle all the app-related tasks for your smartwatch directly from your

3. Manually Installing Apps:

apps is a process in which you install apps using your computer and developer
tools like ADB (Android Debug Bridge). This method is less common and is the
one I am discussing in this guide. Sometimes, I use this method when the app I
want is not available in app stores. However, keep in mind that it is more
challenging to install apps on Apple Smartwatches than on Wear OS-based


How To Identify Which Way Will Work For Me?

It is necessary to determine which method will work for you before
downloading and installing the app. First, check your smartwatch’s manual
guide; It states whether or not you can install the app using the App Store. If
your smartwatch supports the official methods, then you can install the app
through the official way, or you can install the app manually, but I recommend
installing the apps officially.


Which Smartwatches Support Manual Installation?

Not all smartwatches support manual installation. As I mentioned
earlier, it depends on the smartwatch’s operating system. The app store
supported by the smartwatch directly depends on the smartwatch OS. It is rare
to find a smartwatch that does not have an app store but allows you to install
apps through a companion app. So, we can say that only Wear OS-based smartwatches
allow you to install apps manually.


How To Download Apps On Smartwatch Without App Store?

1. Enable Developer Options:

   i. Go to the settings of your Wear OS smartwatch.

   ii. Scroll down and tap on “System”.

   iii. Find “About” or “Software”
and tap on it.

   iv. Locate “Build Number” and tap on it
repeatedly 7 or 8 times; then you will receive a message that you are now a


2. Enable ADB Debugging:

   i. Scroll in the
“Developer options” section you need to find “ADB
debugging” or “Debug over Bluetooth”.

   ii. Enable this option.


3. Connect Your Smartwatch To A Computer:

To connect your smartwatch to your computer, use a USB cable
because it is universal and facilitates communication between different devices.


4. Install ADB (Android Debug Bridge) On Your Computer:

If you don’t
have ADB installed on your computer, you can download and install the “AndroidSDK” Tools from the official Android Developer website at


5. Transfer And Install The APK:

   i. Download the APK file (Android app file) you want
to install on your Wear OS smartwatch.

   ii. Open a command prompt or terminal on your

   iii. Navigate to the directory where you installed

   iv. Copy the following command to install the app on
your smartwatch:

   adb install appname.apk

   v. Paste that command into your command prompt but
replace “appname.apk” with the actual APK filename you want to


6. Wait For Installation:

After completing these steps, the APK will be transferred to your
smartwatch and installed. You should see a success message in the command
prompt or terminal.


7. Disconnect And Enjoy:

Now it’s time to disconnect your smartwatch from your computer, go
to the app drawer of your smartwatch, and check whether the app is there or
I hope the app will exist.

This is how your question ‘How to download apps on smartwatch
without app store’ is no longer a question.


Can I Install An APK File From The Smartwatch’s File Manager?

how to download apps on smartwatch without app store
how to download apps on smartwatch without app store

The answer is no. You can only copy the APK file from your phone
to paste it into your smartwatch’s File Manager. While you can copy other files
like PDFs, images, videos, and audio, the APK file won’t work unless you use
the “developer option” method to sideload the app.


Which Factors Are Responsible For Running Third-Party Apps On A Smartwatch?

I have summarized this information for you in a few words below.
Three factors are responsible for running third-party apps on smartwatches:

1. Operating System: Before downloading a
third-party app, make sure it is compatible with the operating system and its
version on your smartwatch. Check the app’s requirements for compatibility.

2. App Source And Quality: This is an important
factor. Check if the source of the app is reputable and if the app is
well-developed and maintained. Read app reviews to gauge user satisfaction.

3. Hardware Limitations: This is a major factor.
Ensure that the app you choose doesn’t demand more processing power, memory, or
hardware features than your smartwatch has. Read the app requirements before


Pros And Cons Of Third-Party Apps


Access To Niche Apps: Third-party apps are
useful when you need an app that meets your specific needs. For example, if
your smartwatch lacks a scientific calculator, and it’s unavailable in the
official app store, you can find a third-party app.

Customization: Third-party apps allow
for greater customization, giving users more control over their smartwatches.



Security Risks: Downloading third-party
apps can pose security risks, as it may inadvertently open the door to
malicious software or malware. Your privacy could be compromised, and sensitive
information may be accessed.

Lack Of Updates: Many third-party app
owners do not provide updates or support, unlike official apps. This means
sideloaded apps won’t update automatically, and you’ll need to reinstall them
to use the latest versions.

Compatibility Issues: Some third-party apps may
not be optimized for the unique size and hardware of smartwatches, leading to
compatibility problems and a subpar user experience.



While manually installed apps can enhance the functionality and
appearance of your smartwatch, I hope you now have a clear understanding of how
to download apps on smartwatch without app store on Samsung or Android. I
recommend adhering to the official methods available, such as using the Play
Store, App Store, or official marketplace, where apps are readily available.

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