How to stop alarm on Apple Watch from iPhone


Device interconnectivity makes our lives easier and better, indeed! With this feature, you can effortlessly control your iPhone’s alarm with your smartwatch, and vice versa. This functionality provides you with the ability to snooze and dismiss alarms on both devices. In this guide, you will find step-by-step instructions on How to stop alarm on Apple Watch from iPhone and vice versa. Let’s explore all the possible solutions without wasting any time.

How to stop alarm on Apple Watch from iPhone
How to stop alarm on Apple Watch from iPhone

Why Control Your Apple Watch Alarm From Your iPhone or Vice Versa?


It is more convenient than reaching for your iPhone. Some people sleep in a dark room, and their iPhones may be out of reach. In such cases, using your smartwatch to snooze or dismiss the alarm is more comfortable.


When you manage your alarm from your iPhone, you have greater flexibility in how you dismiss it. For instance, you can opt to snooze the alarm for a set duration or completely deactivate it.


If you sleep next to someone, it’s better to turn off your Apple Watch alarm fast instead of tapping on your iPhone, which can be noisy. This helps avoid waking them up.


If you set an alarm on your Apple Watch and your hands are not free then you can use Siri to control the alarm using voice command.

Ensure Compatibility

The majority of smartwatches do not provide an alarm synchronization feature except the Apple watch. This is because Apple has a closed ecosystem, and they tightly integrate their devices. Other smartwatch manufacturers, such as Samsung, Garmin, and Fitbit, use a variety of different operating systems, and they do not always have the same level of integration with smartphones.

However, there are a few third-party apps that can be used to sync alarms between smartwatches and smartphones. These apps typically require you to pay a subscription fee, and they may not work with all smartwatches.

Connect Your Apple Watch To Your iPhone

First, you need to connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone before controlling the alarm. Here are the following steps to successfully pair them.

1. Keep your Apple Watch close to the iPhone.

2. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

3. Now click “Pair new watch” and then.

4. Now wait for some seconds until you see a “pairing screen” on your iPhone

5. Now tap the name of your Apple Watch on your iPhone.After completing the above

6. steps, you will receive a 6-digit code on your Apple Watch. Enter the code you received on your iPhone.

7. Now click the “pair”.

Now, both of your devices will be successfully paired.

Set Up An Alarm On Your Apple Watch

To set an alarm on the Apple Watch:

1. Open the Alarms app on your Apple Watch.

2. Tap the + button in the top-right corner of the screen.

3. Set the time, date, and other options for the alarm.

4. Tap Done.

Your alarm is now set. It will go off at the time that you specified, and you will receive a notification on your Apple Watch.

When you create an alarm, it won’t automatically show up on your iPhone’s screen; you’ll need to sync the alarm between both devices manually.

Enable Settings to Sync Alarm

Here are the following simple steps

1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Go to “My Watch.”

3. Select “Clock.”

4. Toggle on the option labeled “Push Alerts from iPhone.”

When the alarm activates, you’ll receive a notification on both devices, and you can snooze or dismiss the alarm from either device.

How To Stop Alarm On Apple Watch From iPhone And Vice Versa

When you set an alarm on your iPhone, it will automatically appear on your Apple Watch, and you can snooze or dismiss the alarm from either device. 

How to stop alarm on Apple Watch from iPhone
How to stop alarm on Apple Watch from iPhone

However, when you set an alarm on your Apple Watch, it will not automatically appear on your iPhone. You need to manually set the same alarm on your iPhone if you want to be able to snooze or dismiss it from your iPhone.

This is because the alarm is running on the Apple Watch, not on the iPhone. The iPhone is simply receiving a notification that the alarm is going off on the Apple Watch.

Here are the following steps to manually Snooze or Dismiss the alarm:

1. Press the side button or the Digital Crown.

2. Swipe left on the screen.

3. Tap Dismiss or Snooze.

I hope you understand and can accomplish this. And that is how you will turn off the Apple watch alarm remotely.

Troubleshooting Tips

These are Apple products which is why there is less chance of creating an issue while pairing or alarm syncing.

Here are some steps to follow if your Apple Watch isn’t working with its buttons or screen:

1. Make sure your Apple Watch is unlocked.

2. Press the Digital Crown or the side button firmly.

3. Try swiping left or right on the screen slowly.

4. Restart your Apple Watch.

If it’s still not working, reach out to Apple Support for help.

Disadvantages Of Controlling Alarm With Your Apple Watch

Using Alarm synchronization does not cause such problems but here are the following disadvantages of controlling the alarm with your Apple watch:

Oversleep: The primary drawback here is that if you can easily turn off the alarm on your wrist without experiencing any discomfort, as opposed to the phone, there’s a chance you might oversleep.

The alarm might turn off: When the watch is worn on your wrist, and you’re moving around a lot, there’s a chance you might accidentally turn off the alarm.

Low Sound: If you’re a deep sleeper, there’s a chance you might oversleep due to the watch’s low volume.


In a world where seamless connectivity enhances our daily lives, controlling alarms with your Apple Watch and iPhone exemplifies the true essence of convenience. As we’ve explored, the ability to snooze or dismiss alarms effortlessly on either device offers flexibility and comfort, whether you’re in a dark room or sharing your space with someone else. And don’t forget the power of Siri, which allows you to command your alarm with just your voice, making your mornings even smoother, I hope you learned something new like “How to stop alarm on Apple Watch from iPhone series 7”.

While some may argue that relying solely on your Apple Watch for alarms has its drawbacks, such as the risk of oversleeping or accidentally turning off the alarm, it’s important to remember that with the right choice of a smartwatch, you can mitigate these concerns. With a smartwatch priced under $30, you can not only control alarms but also track your fitness with precision. Say goodbye to oversleeping and hello to a healthier, more efficient start to your day. Make the smart choice today, and transform your mornings with a budget-friendly smartwatch that goes beyond the ordinary.

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